How to Integrate WarriorPlus and Sendlane

In order to integrate your WarriorPlus account with Sendlane, start by logging into your WarriorPlus account.

Click through the steps to see how to get your WarriorPlus and Sendlane accounts integrated.

Please Note: We suggest using Chrome or Firefox while using Sendlane, using an alternate browser may cause issues while viewing the Integrations tab..

Step One

Start by selecting your username in the upper right corner of WarriorPlus

  • Select “account settings”
  • Select “Integrations”

Step Two

You will then be taken to the Integrations page. Click the “+ New Service” button and then select “Sendlane” from the drop-down menu

Step Three

Once you select Sendlane, you will see the area where you will enter your API Key, Hash Key and your Sendlane subdomain to complete the integration.

Step Four

In a separate tab or browser, navigate and log into your Sendlane account.

Once inside of your Sendlane account, select your name in the top right-hand corner, then select “Account Settings.”

Step Five

You will reach your account’s details. Copy your API Key, Hash Key and Subdomain.

Paste these details into the appropriate spaces within WarriorPlus.

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