How to Integrate Fyrebox and Sendlane

Fyrebox is a quiz making platform that allows you to create lead generation quizzes to install on a website, landing page or blog.

Integrating Fyrebox and Sendlane enables you to seamlessly funnel generated leads to your lists in Sendlane!

Before Getting Started

Prior to connecting with Sendlane, you'll need an active Fyrebox account.

Please also have your Sendlane API Key, Hash Key and Subdomain ready. These can be found in your Sendlane account under AccountAPI.

Last (but not least) be sure you have created a list inside of your Sendlane account, so Fyrebox knows where to place your new leads and contacts!

Connecting Fyrebox and Sendlane

  1. From your Fyrebox homepage, select Create a Quiz, set your initial preferences, and click Create
  2. You will be directed to the quiz editor. Scroll down until you see Integrations and select ADD AN APPLICATION
  3. Scroll down until you reach Sendlane. After entering your Sendlane API Key, Hash & Subdomain, click TEST
  4. A check mark will appear next to the TEST button if inputted correctly. Click the PREVIOUS: CONTENT button at the bottom of the page
  5. Scroll down again to Integrations and toggle the Sendlane logo to YES. This will connect your quiz to Sendlane
  6. Select the list to which your contacts will be funneled

Your integration is complete! 

Leads from your quiz will automatically be added to your chosen List in Sendlane!


This integration is native to Fyrebox, so we're only able to provide limited troubleshooting support. However, if you do need help, the Fyrebox team is just a few clicks away!

Additional Fyrebox Resources

Sign up for Fyrebox

Additional Sendlane Resources


Fyrebox homepage → Create a Quiz → Set preferences → CreateAdd an Application → Sendlane → Enter Sendlane API Key, Hash Key, Subdomain → TEST → PREVIOUS: CONTENT  → Integrations → Sendlane logo → YES → Select List

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