How to Use Beacon Tools

Beacon tools help to track your contacts on-site activities, conversions and events so you can segment and micro-target your audience with the right message at the right time.

Beacon begins tracking your contact's entire customer journey as soon as they opt-in  and open a campaign that leads them back to your website. This allows you to utilize custom events to track page visits, conversions, and trigger targeted automation funnels.

Please Note: We suggest using Chrome or Firefox while using Sendlane, using an alternate browser may cause issues while viewing the Integrations tab.

Setting Up Conversions

1. Navigate to the Beacon tab and select Install Beacon. You will be given the code to place within the page you are tracking conversions for. Please paste this code in the header of every page of your website.

3. Clicking the pink Next button will prompt the area to create the conversions rules. Give your conversion a name, a value for the page visit and the URL of the specific page to be tracked.

4. After completing the setup, you will see your conversion rule and the reporting within your Beacon tab. If you want to create another, click the pink New Rule button in the upper right corner. This area will also provide you a button to obtain the tracking code if you need it.


Setting Up Event Tracking

1. Navigate to the Beacon tab and select Events. Select the pink New Event button and you will be prompted to name your event and give a description to remember what the event is exactly for.

3. Once finished you will see your new event activities within the Events tab. You can also create another event by selecting the pink New Event button in the upper right corner. Selecting Get Code next to the event name will give you the code to place within the header of your web pages you are tracking this event for.


Track Conversions: Beacon → Install Beacon → Place code in the header of all web pages → create conversion rules → start tracking.

Track Events: Beacon → Events → Install Beacon → Name Event & URL to be tracked → Place code within page header to be tracked.

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