How to add a Sendlane form to your website

We all know that code can be intimidating and scary. That's why we've made this guide for you so you can follow along step by step without ever worrying about looking "behind the scenes" of your site and freaking out! 

For this example, we'll be using LeadPages. A Landing page / squeeze page platform that hosts individual pages for you with easy to use - customizable site design tools and predesigned pages.

Part 1: Copying your form code

1) Create a form
You'll need to create a form within your Sendlane account. 
If you don't already have a form built, check out this forum guide on how to create one and all the capabilities it has!

2) Integration with your site
Once you have a form built out, go to your Form tab and find the form you'd like to use. From there, click on Integration with your site


3) Copying the HTML code 

On this page, you will find the Form Link, Social Sharing, QR Code, and Embeddable HTML.
Under Embeddable HTML you will see a long list of code in a box. DON'T WORRY! All you have to do is click inside the box and copy the text. CTRL + C or Right Click -> Copy. 


Part 2: Pasting it onto a Leadpages landing page

1) Landing Page
Find the landing page you want to put your form on 

2) Add an HTML block
We can click and drag the HTML block over to where we want it on our page


3) Paste your HTML form code
CTRL + V or Right click -> Paste
Don't forget to click save!


4) Your form is now ready!
Don't forget to save your page. Go to your website and view your form on the page!


Anyone that fills out this form will now have their subscriber information transferred into Sendlane, where you can manage your new subscribers and keep on doing your business!




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