How to use the report center


The report center allows you to run and download aggregate reports on your email, SMS, revenue, subscriber growth, and forms performance. Check out Understanding reporting center data and options for detailed information about what is included in each report.

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⚠️ Report center data is not real time

Report center reports rely on a cached copy of the Sendlane database to generate reports quickly, typically in under a minute or so. Cached versions of reports ensure that reports can be generated and downloaded quickly but might result in an older snapshot of your data. The information in your report may be between one and four hours behind real time.

Generate a report

To generate a report in the reporting center:

  1. Click the report center icon
  2. In the card for the report you’d like to generate, click Generate
  3. In the slideout window, select a date range
  4. Click Generate

You’ll see a popup notification when your report has finished generating:

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Download a report

To download a report:

  1. Click the report center icon
  2. Click Downloads
  3. Click the download icon next to the report you’d like to download

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Analyze a report

Use spreadsheet software like Excel or Google Sheets to open and analyze your report .CSV file.

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How do I schedule a report to generate on a regular interval?

Report scheduling is not possible at this time, but is on our roadmap.

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My report isn't generating!

Report generation time can vary depending on the size of your report. If your report hasn't generated after one hour, please contact our 24/7 product support or your Customer Success Manager

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