How to Integrate Loop Subscriptions and Sendlane


Loop Subscriptions, also known as Loop, is a subscription management platform for Shopify merchants. Sendlane users with Shopify stores can manage subscription billing in Loop and keep customers up to date on their subscriptions using Sendlane's Automations. Read on to learn how to integrate your Loop and Sendlane accounts!

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🚦 Before Getting Started

Sign up for a Loop Subscriptions account here

Check out the video below for a demonstration of integrating a Sendlane account with Loop Subscriptions:


 Create a Custom Integration for Loop Subscriptions

Loop Subscriptions connects to Sendlane via the Sendlane custom integration. To create a custom integration for Loop:

  1. Click on the Integrations page
  2. Click the Sendlane Custom Integration
  3. Click Configure
  4. Click Create New Custom Integration
  5. Enter Loop as your Store Name
  6. Enter as your Store URL
  7. Replace storename with the name of your store in the Store URL field
  8. Select a default List
  9. Select a customer address type
  10. Click Continue

 Add the Integration Token to Loop

The custom integration token connects your Loop and Sendlane accounts. To add the custom integration token to Loop:

  1. Click the Settings icon next to the Loop custom integration
  2. Click the copy icon next to the token
  3. Navigate to the Sendlane integration in your Loop account
  4. Click the Set up instructions tab
  5. Paste the integration token in the Token field
  6. Click Connect

 Create Custom Events for Loop

Events inside the custom integration will be used as Automation triggers to send Contacts information about their subscriptions. To create events for the Loop integration:

  1. Navigate to the Custom integration page
  2. Click the events icon next to the Loop integration
  3. Click Create Event
  4. In the event name field, copy and paste an event name exactly as it appears in the first column of the table below
  5. Click Create
  6. Repeat steps 3-5 for each event
Event Description
loop_subscription_created New subscription is created
loop_subscription_paused Subscription is paused
loop_subscription_resumed Subscription is resumed
loop_subscription_cancelled Subscription is cancelled
loop_subscription_reactivated Subscription is reactivated
loop_subscription_expired Subscription is expired
loop_order_upcoming Upcoming recurring order reminder
loop_order_skipped Order skipped
loop_order_out_of_stock Order delayed/skipped out of stock
loop_order_processed Order processed successfully
loop_order_partially_processed Order partially processed
loop_payment_attempt_failed_with_retries_left Payment failed with retries left
loop_payment_attempt_failed_last_retry_left Payment failed with only 1 retry left
loop_payment_attempt_failed Payment failed with no retries left
loop_payment_method_expiring_soon Payment method expiring
loop_flow_completed Loop flow executed successfully
loop_customer_activation Customer created subscription but have not created the customer account yet

 Add a Sendlane API Token to Loop

An API token provides Loop access to Sendlane's v2 API. To create a Sendlane API token and apply it to your Loop account:

  1. Click the Account icon
  2. Click API
  3. Under Sendlane API V2, click + API Token
  4. Enter Loop as your token name
  5. Click Create
  6. Click Copy API Token*
  7. Navigate to the Sendlane integration in your Loop account
  8. Click the Set up instructions tab
  9. Paste the API V2 token in the API V2 keyfield
  10. Click Connect

*The API token must be copied at this stage and cannot be retrieved later. If you close the API token window without copying the API token, delete the API token and create a new one.

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