How to Integrate Google Ads with Sendlane


Integrating Google Ads with Sendlane allows you to create targeted advertising campaigns for new and existing customers and custom audiences that allow you to launch or pause ads based on customer behavior.

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🚦 Before Getting Started

  1.  Integrate your eCommerce platform with Sendlane.
  2.  Have Administrative access for the Google Ads account being connected to Sendlane.
  3. Review Google's Customer Match policy to ensure your business can use Google Ads.

Integrate with Google Ads


 Grant Sendlane Access to Google Ads

  1. Head to the Integrations page
  2. Search for and click on Google Ads
  3. Click Configure
  4. Click Continue with Google
  5. Log in to your Google account (your account must have Administrative access)
  6. Click Allow to grant Sendlane access to your Google Ads data
  7. Click Continue to return to Sendlane

 Configure Settings in Sendlane

Select your Google Ads account from the dropdown. If you do not see your Google Ads account, make sure your account has Administrative access and restart the integration process.


 Sync Google Ads List and Sendlane Audience

Google Ads and Sendlane are connected by associating a Google Ads User List with a List, Tag, or Segment from your Sendlane audience. These connections are 1:1, meaning you cannot connect the same Google Ads User List to multiple Lists, Tags, or Segments, and vice versa. Connections can take up to 48 hours to finish processing.

Create a Google Ads User List if your account does not already have User Lists set up:

  1. Click Create Google Ads User List
  2. Enter a Name
  3. Click Save

Sync Google and Sendlane lists:

  1. Click Add Sync
  2. Select a Google Ads User List
  3. From the Audience dropdown, select a List, Tag, or Segment to sync with the Google Ads User List

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Disconnect a Google Ads Connection

To disconnect your Google Ads connection, click Remove Integration:

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