How to Insert Reviews Into Emails


Inserting customer reviews into Campaign and Automation emails to show your audience how much your customers love your products is a great way to promote your products! Read on to learn how to add testimonials to emails and style them to match your brand.

In This Guide

Insert Review Testimonials into Emails

The Testimonials block in the email builder dynamically populates the most recent reviews that fit the criteria you set.

To insert a review into an email:

  1. Scroll to the Shopify or BigCommerce section of the email builder Content tab
  2. Click or drag and drop the Reviews block into your email

Testimonial Block Display Options

  • Layout - Left, center, or right justify the review
  • Vertical spacing - Adjust the spacing below and above the reviews in the block
  • Horizontal spacing - Adjust the spacing to either side of the reviews in the block

Testimonial Block Content Options

Reviews inserted into emails are selected dynamically based on the conditions you select in the Display Options tab:

  • Store - Select the store you want to pull reviews from
  • Minimum stars - Select a minimum number of stars to qualify reviews to populate in the email
  • Product - Select specific products to display reviews of
  • Number of Reviews - Select a number of reviews to display in the block
  • Content Order - Drag and drop stars, title, comment, and author within the block
  • Max Character Count - Select a maximum number of characters in the body of a review

Testimonial Block Style Options

Adjust the following style options for your testimonial block:

  • Star Color
  • Star Size
  • Title font color, family, weight, and size
  • Description font color, family, weight, and size
  • Author font color, family, weight, and size
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