How to Add a Countdown to an Email

Countdown timers in time-sensitive emails (special offers, sales, event announcements, or holidays) can help encourage your Contacts to respond to your call to action!

🙋  How does the countdown timer show the correct time for each Contact?

Most countdown generators use the same method: the countdown timer is a .GIF file that is generated by the countdown creation software's server each time it is viewed.

CountdownMailer explains its process here, along with special cases for iOS 15's Apple Mail and Desktop Outlook 2007+.


 Create a Countdown Timer

Use the tool of your choice to create a countdown timer image. In this guide, we'll use CountdownMail. Read CountdownMail's guide to creating your timer to learn about the many options available!


 Add an HTML Block to an Email

Countdown timers are .GIF files, but you won't be able to use an image block to display them because they are dynamic, meaning you can't download the image and insert it in an email. Instead, we'll use an HTML block that allows for more customized styling in addition to updating the countdown when Contacts open their email.

Open your Campaign or Automation email, scroll to the Elements section, and drag an HTML block wherever you'd like your countdown timer to appear.


 Insert Countdown Timer

Head back to CountdownMailer to grab your countdown timer's embed code.

Turn on the Enable HTTPS option, then click Copy and paste your countdown timer's embed code in your HTML block!


My countdown timer isn't loading!

Ensure you turn on the Enable HTTPS option before copying your countdown timer's embed code. Without HTTPS, your embed code will not work.

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