How to Upload Custom Data

Use Sendlane's custom data upload tool to store data you'd like to insert into Campaign or Automation email or SMS messages. This can include any information that can be stored in a .csv file, including product information from your eCommerce platform or a third-party app.

In this guide, you will learn how to upload custom product data and insert a snippet in an email or SMS message that displays product prices.


 Prepare Data for Upload

Your file must include a unique identifier for each row, such as a SKU or product code. Use our example template as a guide to make sure your .csv is uploaded correctly!


 Upload Data to Sendlane

To upload your custom data .csv file, click the  Account icon >  Custom DataImport Data 
On the Import Data screen, set a name for your file, select or drag the file into the uploader, and select the column that contains your data's unique identifier as the Key.
Click Upload to save your data!


 Insert Custom Data in an Email

To insert custom data in an email, place your cursor where you want the data to appear.
Click the  three-dot menu >  Database icon > Select a database > Select a column > Click  Preview to see how the data will appear to your Contacts! 


I'm getting an error that says "The column headers have to be unique"!

You might be getting this error because:

  • Your .CSV file has more than one of the same heading. Rename any duplicated headings and try uploading again.
  • Your .CSV file might have empty columns. Delete empty columns and try uploading again.
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