Phone Only Contacts

Phone only Contacts are Contacts who have only given you their phone number and have not given you their email address. Phone only Contacts do not count towards your account’s email plan Contact limit and all SMS plans offer unlimited phone only Contacts!

Check out our frequently asked questions about phone only Contacts:

Do I need an email plan if I just want to import phone only Contacts?

Yes, all Sendlane accounts are required to have an active email plan. Our Growth Plan costs $100 per month (or $1000 annually, two months free!) which includes up to 5,000 Contacts and 75,000 email credits.

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Do I pay for phone only Contacts?

You are not charged for phone only Contacts. Phone only Contacts do not count towards your email plan’s Contact limit until there is an email address attached to the profile.

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What happens if an email address is added to a phone only Contact's profile?

As soon as an email address is added to a Contact profile, that profile is considered a "paid Contact" and will count towards your email plan's Contact limit.

Email addresses may be added to a Contact's profile if:

  • Contacts fill out another form or Pop-Up that sends leads to your account with an email address
  • You pull historical data from your deep data eCommerce platform or manually upload historical data to Sendlane

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How can I see all of my phone only Contacts?

Create a Segment using the condition Email Address does not exist to see how many phone only Contacts you have in your account.

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How do I collect SMS consent for phone only Contacts?

Collecting SMS consent for phone only Contacts is exactly the same as collecting consent for paid email Contacts.

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How can I message phone only Contacts?

Phone Only Contacts can only receive SMS messages, and you will receive replies to SMS messages from phone only Contacts in the SMS reply center.

SMS Campaigns work exactly the same for phone only Contacts as with paid email Contacts. 

Phone only Contacts can be funneled through an Automation that has both email and SMS nodes, but the phone only Contacts will only receive the Automation’s SMS messages.

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