How to Insert Videos into Emails

Sendlane's new email builder makes inserting clickable thumbnails from any YouTube or Vimeo video into a Campaign or Automation email as simple as pasting a link!

🚦 Before Getting Started

Make sure your video is published and publicly viewable. Videos in draft or with restricted sharing settings may not embed.

🚨 Video comments can affect deliverability

When inbox providers scan your email for potentially dangerous links, comments on videos linked in the email are also scanned. Consider turning off comments for any video you want to link to in an email to avoid spam comments on a video causing deliverability problems for your email.


 Add a Media Element to Your Email

Click the Media element and drag it in your email, or click the Media element once to add it to the bottom of your email


Paste a link to a YouTube or Vimeo video and watch Sendlane's email builder create a thumbnail screenshot and play button instantly!

Video Embed Settings


Select or create a Tag to assign to Contacts who click the video thumbnail

Alt Text

The media element will automatically pull the video's title and insert it as the thumbnail's alt text, but you can enter whatever makes the most sense for your audience

Vertical Spacing

Adjust vertical spacing up to create more space between the media element and the surrounding elements

Play Button Appearance

Select a color and button style for the button that appears over your video's thumbnail

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