How to Re-Engage Unengaged Contacts

Re-engaging Contacts who have stopped opening and clicking on your emails is a challenge, and can hurt your sending reputation substantially if not done carefully. Proceed with caution!

Sendlane suggests the following guidelines for re-engaging unengaged Contacts:

Send to Unengaged Contacts With Engaged Contacts

Sending to a segment of unengaged Contacts without a large group of engaged Contacts will result in extremely poor open, click, and spam metrics. Unengaged Contacts are not likely to open or click on links in emails, and they are likely to mark your content as spam.

When sending a re-engagement Campaign, unengaged Contacts should account for no more than 10% of the Campaign’s audience. For those sending to smaller lists, unengaged Contacts should account for a maximum of 3-5% of a re-engagement Campaign’s audience.

Send Multiple Small Re-Engagement Campaigns

Sendlane strongly recommends against sending a single, large Campaign for the purpose of re-engagement. To minimize the risk to your sender reputation, keep the audience for each re-engagement Campaign small.

This means sending multiple Campaigns over a period of time, depending on the size of your overall audience and the proportion of unengaged Contacts in your audience.

Remove Remaining Unengaged Contacts After Re-Engagement

Contacts who have been sent a re-engagement Campaign and remain unengaged should be removed from your audience for the health of your sender reputation.

The following Segment can identify Contacts who have not engaged with your content for a specified period of time:

  • Engagement and Activity > Did Not Open > Recent> (Number of days since beginning of re-engagement attempt), AND
  • Contact Properties > Subscription Date > Is Before > (Date that is 1 month prior to the day running the segment)

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