Autoupgrade Protection

Auto-upgrade protection is now in place for all Sendlane accounts to prevent service disruptions caused by collecting more leads than your current subscription accounts for. This is a fantastic service for rapidly-growing contact lists!

Rather than locking down sending or preventing new leads from being added to your account, your subscription will be automatically upgraded to the next available tier and you'll see the Auto Upgrade status in  Account → Billing under the Plan Details section:

Please Note

We prorate all payments to be sure that your renewal date stays consistent and predictable, so if auto-upgrade moves you to the next plan, you'll only be charged for the current subscription period today. Your account will renew on the new plan going forward.

If you decide to downgrade to a smaller plan size in the future, please be sure your contact count drops below the threshold for the plan you'd like to move to, and stays there even if you continue collecting new leads.

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