How to Retarget Miva Abandoned Cart Customers

Sendlane's deep data integration with Miva allows you to use Automations to send targeted emails directly to those contacts who have abandoned their shopping cart.

With this Automation, you can send emails to your prospective customers including the product they were interested in along with a link to quickly and seamlessly complete their purchase. 

Before Getting Started

Prior to creating an abandoned cart Automation, you'll need to have your Miva 10 integration completed.

Make sure the Send When Basket setting in your Miva account is set to 30 minutes.

Creating a Miva Abandoned Cart Automation

  1. Click Automations on the left-hand side of your dashboard and choose New Automation
  2. Click on Start From Scratch   

  3.  Name your Automation

  4. Click on + Add Trigger

  5. On the left side, click on Miva and select the Abandoned Checkout trigger

    • Select a Store: Choose your Miva store from the dropdown menu
    • Limit Per Subscriber: How often you'd like for this automation to be triggered for a subscriber
    • Consider Abandoned After: How long after the customer has abandoned the shopping cart that you'd like the automation to trigger (i.e., 1 hour, 3 hours). Click the + icon to select the trigger time. 
  6. Click on the + sign to add an Action

  7. On the left menu select Send Message and then click on Email

  8.  Click on Create New Email

  9. Choose a name for your email, select the appropriate sender profile and scroll down to click Next: Content (If you would like to add Google Analytics or run Experiments, click on the appropriate box and fill in all the necessary information)

  10. Add a subject line, pre-header, and then click on Create Email

  11. In the Email Design section, click on Start From Scratch

  12. Once you're in the Email Builder, feel free to start designing your email. You'll also notice on the left side menu the abandoned cart tool for Miva. Click on Content and then drag this icon into your email. This will automatically populate the product information from your customer's abandoned cart!

  13. Please Note

    This will display up to  4 different products in your abandoned cart email at a time! The product information will automatically populate in the email to the customer. 

  14. If you added more than one email to your automation, we recommend adding a goal to stop sending more emails from the automation in case they completed the purchase. This prevents multiple emails from being sent once the customer reaches the automation goal, like making a purchase. 

  15. Once you've completed the content for this email, click Save and Continue
  16. Don't forget to set your automation to Active in the upper right-hand corner!


I do not see my Miva customers within Sendlane:

If you  just completed the integration process, it will take some time for all of that information to sync over. If you visit the Miva integration page within your Sendlane account and see that the status still shows Initializing or Syncing, some information or actions may not be available yet. 

I'm seeing an error message stating, "Module 'Sendlane' is in use by one or more scheduled tasks"

If you're encountering this error, you'll need to delete a Webhook Event and Abandoned Cart task:

If you have any issues connecting your Sendlane and Miva accounts, our support team is available 24/7. Plus, the Miva team is just a few clicks away!

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