How to Use Pop-Ups with Miva

Sendlane's intelligent pop-ups are a great tool to use directly in your Miva online store. You can utilize pop-ups, banners, and even inline forms to collect contacts as they are navigating through your store! 

In this article, we'll share how to:

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Before Getting Started 

You will first need to create a pop-up in your Sendlane account. 

Also, be sure to integrate Miva and Sendlane if your store isn't connected yet!

Locating the Code for your Pop-up

  1. Navigate to Pop-ups using the left side navigation bar from your dashboard
  2. Click on the three dots next to the pop-up form that you would like to add to your Shopify store. From the dropdown selection, click on get code.
  3. Copy the code on the next screen, as you'll need to have it ready to use in your Miva account! 

Installing your Pop-up to your Miva storefront 

  1. Inside of your Miva account, locate User Interface under the Quicklinks menu
  2. From the User Interface page, search for your storefront page information, then click your store page template
  3. Scroll until you see Headers and Footers, then input your pop-up code collected from Sendlane
  4. Click Update to finalize adding the code

Once everything has been finalized, your pop-up should now be visible on your storefront website!

Next Steps

We always recommend testing your setup to be sure everything is working properly and set up as desired, so please be sure to test your pop-up by visiting your storefront website, opting-in, and making sure your contact information is added to Sendlane as intended!

Additional Resources


Copy pop-up code from Sendlane → Miva → User Interface → Storefront page → Headers and Footers → Input pop-up code → Update

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