Check out our Dashboard Upgrade!

Your dashboard just got a massive upgrade!

We completely reworked the dashboard to provide as much information as possible so you know where you stand performance-wise and can see exactly what's working (or what isn't).

You'll see a brand new Daily Digest with a quick snapshot from the last 24 hours (this resets daily at midnight EST) along with a ton of ongoing data like:

  •         Audience breakdown
  •         Revenue breakdown
  •         eCommerce
  •         Deliverability
  •         Recent campaigns
  •         Top automations based on number triggered
  •         Top popups used
  •         Site tracking

Plus you can use our built-in filtering system to narrow down growth data points over time - choose timeframes like the past 7 days, 1 month, 3 months, 1 year or 5 years.

This upgrade is now live in every single Sendlane account. So what are you waiting for?

Ready to Check Out the Fancy New Dashboard?

Click here to visit our Dashboard Overview Help Doc! Then, jump into your Sendlane account to see your very own dashboard!

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