Customize Subscription Confirmation, Unsubscribe, and Email Preferences Pages

You can now fully customize the Opt-In and Opt-Out experience for your contacts! We now offer the ability to add some style to your Profile Preferences, Unsubscribe and Confirmation pages.

Quick Note: if a contact clicks the unsubscribe link in an email they’ll always have the option to either update their preferences or unsubscribe from your communications entirely.

In this article, we'll go over:

Getting Started

In order to customize your pages, navigate to Account → Settings and click Customize pages

Global Design

Inside the Global Design tab, you can adjust the Main, Email and Confirmation pages globally with these options:

  • A Custom Logo
  • Customize the Page Styles
  • Customize the Input Fields
  • Customize the Buttons

Adjust each of these sections to your liking, then move on to the Page Content Tab!

Page Content

Inside the Page Content tab, you will have the ability to adjust the Titles, Subject Lines and Descriptions for:

  • The Unsubscribe/Profile Main and Confirmation Pages:
  • The Double Opt-In Email and Confirmation Pages:

Let's start with the Unsubscribe/Profile Section first!


Here you will be able to edit the Unsubscribe (Opt-out) Main and Confirmation Pages. Your unsubscribe page will always give your Contacts the choice to unsubscribe from all future emails or to update their subscriptions to Lists of their choosing.

Upon entering the Page Content Tab you will be prompted to add:

  1. The Main Title & Instruction Text (Optional)
  2. Upon entering your changes, you will see the Final Result

After completing your changes inside the Unsubscribe/Profile Main tab on the right-hand side(3), follow the above steps(1-2) for the Unsubscribe/Profile Confirmation tab.

Double Opt-In Email

Please Note

This only applies if Double Opt-in is enabled on your account!

Similar to the Unsubscribe Page, you will now also be able to edit your Double Opt-in email! 

  1. Similar to the steps above regarding the Unsubscribe/Profile Section, upon entering the Page Content Tab you will:
  2. Click either of the Disable Opt-In tabs (Email & Confirmation)
  3. Adjust the Titles, Descriptions and Subject Line of one of the tabs, then complete the other
  4.  After completing your changes to both the Unsubscribe/Profile and Double Opt-In sections, preview the work you've done on each page with the Preview button
  5. Last but not least, remember to hit that Save Changes button and you're all set!

Additional Sendlane Resources


Global Design: Account → Settings → Customize Pages → Global Design tab [Left Side of Screen]

Page Content: Account → Settings → Customize Pages → Page Content tab [Left Side of Screen]

Unsubscribe/Profile: Account → Settings → Customize Pages → Unsubscribe/Profile [Right Side of Screen] → Adjust Text/Style Options to your liking & Save Changes

Double Opt-In: Account → Settings → Customize Pages → Double Opt-In [Right Side of Screen] → Adjust Text/Style Options to your liking & Save Changes

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