Accessing and Embedding Inline Pop-Ups

Sendlane's inline Pop-Up forms can be embedded in custom coded websites (not landing pages) or in eCommerce marketing integrations to collect Contacts' information.

Use this guide to copy your inline Pop-Up forms' HTML code for further editing and embedding!

Get Your Pop-Up Form's Raw HTML Code

  1. Click the three dot menu (...) next to your inline Pop-Up
  2. Click GET CODE
  3. Click the Show HTML <form> embed checkbox
  4. Click Copy Code to copy your form's code to your clipboard

Embed the HTML Code

Paste the code inside the parent tags in the desired location of your website.

You can also install Pop-Ups using WordPress and Shopify by checking out these guides:

  1. Install with WordPress
  2. Install with Shopify

Next Steps

Make sure to test your new Pop-Up form, especially if you've edited the HTML in any way.

Fill out your inline Pop-Up form exactly as your Contacts would to ensure that information is passed to Sendlane correctly.

Additional Resources

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