How to Find the Raw HTML Form Code

If you're looking for a way to pass leads directly into Sendlane, either from a custom coded website, a pre-built webform, or another marketing tool integration you can easily leverage the raw HTML code of a pop-up to do just that!

Here we'll cover:

Plus, we'll also share the next steps you should take once the code has been installed!

Before Getting Started

Be sure you have an inline style pop-up created inside of your Sendlane account.

Please Note

The raw HTML code is available for the inline style, but not for the banner or pop-up types since these options require JavaScript code in order to function properly (i.e. to actually "pop" up or to scroll along with the page).

You'll also want to have the rest of your lead collection set up - whether you're using a custom website, pre-built webform, or another marketing tool integration.

How to Find the Raw HTML Code

  1. From your Sendlane dashboard, navigate to the Pop-ups menu and locate the pop-up you'd like to use
  2. Click "..." to expand the drop-down for that pop-up, then select Get Code
  3. On the next screen, you'll see the option to Show Raw Form toggle that on to display the HTML code for your pop-up!

Installing the HTML Code

Once you've located the HTML code, you have a few different options to install it:

  1. Copy and paste the code right before the closing </body> tag for any page you'd like the pop-up to show
  2. Send to your developer so they can install the code for you. They'll receive an email with the subject line "Sendlane Form Code"

Next Steps

While we always recommend testing any new setup before driving traffic and collecting new leads, it's especially important to test custom scenarios! 

Once you've installed your raw HTML code, please be sure to test the entire setup by opting-in to your list using the linked form, and checking to be sure your contact information is added to your Sendlane account.

Additional Resources:


Pop-ups → "..." → Get Code → Show Raw Form CopyInstall Test

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