How to Retarget OneClickUpsell Abandoned Cart Customers

Sendlane's deep data integrations with Shopify and OneClickUpsell allow you to send targeted emails directly to contacts who abandon their shopping cart!

With this automation, you can send emails to your prospective customers about the product they were interested in along with a link to quickly and seamlessly complete their purchase. 

Before Getting Started

Prior to creating an abandoned cart automation, you'll need to have your OneClickUpsell integration connected.

You will also need to have your Shopify integration connected, and OneClickUpsell installed within your Shopify store.

Creating an Abandoned Cart Automation

  1. Begin by clicking Automations on the left of your dashboard and clicking New Automation on the top right
  2. Choose the eCommerce tab within the template options and select Recover abandoned carts
  3. Please Note

    Once you choose this option it will create an automation using Shopify abandoned checkout as the trigger. The OneClickUpsell app uses the Shopify abandoned trigger even if a OneClickUpsell upsell or downsell is the only product abandoned.

  4. Once the pre-designed automation loads, click to configure the Customer Abandoned Checkout trigger details:    
    • Select a Shop: Choose your Shopify store from the drop down menu
    • Limit Per Subscriber: How often you'd like for this automation to be triggered for a potential customer
    • Consider Abandoned After: How long after the customer has abandoned the shopping cart that you'd like the automation to start (i.e., 1 hour, 3 hours)

  5. Next, click on the Email action to edit/create the content that you'd like to send to your customer. Follow the prompts to complete all of the basic details, then continue along to the email design
  6. Inside the Email Builder, you'll see that the message has already been pre-filled with Abandoned Cart content. Only one abandoned cart block is allowed per email.
    Please Note

    The Product Name and Price sections will automatically populate information from the product your customer added to their shopping cart when the message is sent.

  7. Once you have completed the content for this email, click Save and Continue
  8. Continue building your automation by adding any other actions and communications you'd like to use. Depending on what your goals and objectives are, we recommend sending three emails over the next few days to encourage contacts to come back and complete a purchase.
  9. Last but not least, don't forget set the automation to Active once you're done building out your funnel

And that's it! Anytime someone abandons their checkout with an OCU offer in the cart, they'll receive a follow up series showing the products they abandoned and an accessible button to bring them right back to their cart to finish their purchase!

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The abandoned cart block isn't available!

The abandoned cart block may not appear in your elements sidebar for two common reasons:

  1. Your eCommerce integration is not set up correctly. Review your eCommerce store's integration with Sendlane for possible connection issues.
  2. You already added an abandoned cart block to your email. Only one abandoned cart block is allowed per email.
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