Adding a File to an Email

Sending marketing emails with attachments, large files or videos can trigger spam filters and caused bounced emails, negatively affecting your deliverability. For this reason, an email marketing best practice is to host your file and then include a link within your email campaigns.

Additionally, using a hosted file link within your emails will allow you to track clicks within Sendlane so you can see who has been actively engaging with your content!

Hosting Your File

There are many different places on the web that you can host a file, like Google Drive, DropBox, Vimeo, Wistia and more.

Once you have uploaded your file, copy the sharable link to add it to your campaign. 

Each file hosting site will have different instructions to obtain the sharable link, but here are helpful guides for sharing from some of the most popular hosting platforms:

Adding a Link to Your File in Your Email

  1. When creating your email, add either an image, a button or some type of text (such as "Download Now") for your contacts to click on to be directed to your shared file
    • To add the link to a button or an image, click on it and enter the link into the settings on the left hand side of the campaign builder
    • To add the link to a line of text, select the text and click the hyperlink icon in the toolbar. Then insert your shared file link.

And that's it! When your contacts click on the image, button or text with the shared link added they will be directed right to your file. 

Additional Sendlane Resources

Additionally, if you hit any roadblocks you can always get in touch with our team of email marketing automation experts right here.


Places To Host Your File → Google Drive, DropBox, Vimeo, Wistia

Adding Link To Image or Button → Email Builder → Add Image or Button → Select Image and Button → Add Link 

Adding Link to Text → Email Builder → Add Text → Select Text → Add Link via HyperLink Button in Toolbar

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