Why Can't I Delete Unsubscribed Contacts?

Keeping a record of unsubscribed contacts is one of the ways we work to protect you as a sender!

Email regulations such as the CAN-SPAM act and GDPR require that all digital senders honor the privacy of personal data and opt-out requests.

In accordance with those regulations, Sendlane is a fully permission-based platform. We require that every person on your list clearly agrees to being contacted by you, from the moment they subscribe to every email opened, all the way to if they choose to unsubscribe.

Deleting unsubscribers permanently removes them from your entire account/audience, even if they are still subscribed to other lists.

Plus, if a contact is deleted completely, there’s a chance they could accidentally be added back into a list without permission... resulting in spam complaints and possible deliverability/sender reputation issues.

As a result, customer journey data (including opt-out requests) is essential to keep on file, in case any contact questions if their privacy was violated at any point.

Please Note
Sendlane is a profile-centric platform, meaning that we charge per contact - regardless of whether they are on multiple lists or just one. For example, if someone is subscribed on 3 lists, and unsubscribed on 1, they are still only charged as one individual contact.

For tips on list management, or best practices that will help removing unengaged contacts before they unsubscribe, please click through to learn more about our List Hygiene feature.

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