How to Save an Email Design as a Custom Template

Custom templates are a quick and easy way to re-use email designs throughout your marketing!

In this short step-by-step, we'll explain exactly how to save an email design as a custom template inside of your Sendlane account.

Before Getting Started

Please be sure you already have a Campaign created!

Please Note

If you've already sent the campaign, you'll need to duplicate it before you're able to use the design as a custom template.

Saving an Email Design as a Custom Template

  1. Open up the Campaign and navigate to the email builder page
  2. Click on the ellipses (...) and then select Save as custom template
  3. Choose a name for your template and click Save

And that's it!

Once you click save, your custom template will be available for use in the Custom tab anytime you want to use it to create new emails!


Open Campaign → Email builder page → Ellipses (...) → Save as custom template → Choose a name → Save

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