How to Integrate Deadline Funnel and Sendlane

Deadline Funnel allows you to create time-sensitive landing pages that will promote attention and incite actions throughout your entire funnel.

Before Getting Started

Prior to connecting with Sendlane, you'll need an active Deadline Funnel account

You will also need a Sendlane automation created. Deadline Funnel will connect with Sendlane via a step within your automation that triggers the Deadline Funnel campaign. 

Connecting Deadline Funnel and Sendlane

  1. First, create your Deadline Funnel campaign
  2. Visit the API Integrations area of Deadline Funnels and click Add A New Integration

  3. Select Sendlane from the integration options and click the webhook link generated to copy it

  4. Within your Sendlane Automation that you'd like to use to trigger this Deadline Funnel campaign, add a Webhook step to indicate when the Deadline Funnel should be triggered

  5. Paste the link that was copied from Deadline Funnel, and change the method from GET to POST

  6. Finish building your automation, and set it to Active 

And that's it! 

Once the integration is up and running, any contact who goes through your automation will start their Deadline Funnel tracking as soon as they reach the Webhook in your automation!

Next Steps

Be sure to add the Deadline Funnel email links to the emails you create within your automation (wherever you're linking to a page that has a Deadline Funnel timer or redirect on it).


This integration is native to Deadline Funnel, so we're only able to provide limited troubleshooting support. However, if you  do need help, the Deadline Funnel team is just a few clicks away!

  • Click the green chat icon in the lower right hand corner of the Deadline Funnel site to chat or email their support team
  • Visit the Deadline Funnel Guide on connecting with Sendlane

Additional Deadline Funnel Resources

Sign up for Deadline Funnel | Deadline Funnel Help Desk

Additional Sendlane Resources


Create Deadline Funnel campaign →  API Integrations → Add A New Integration → Select Sendlane → Copy webhook link → (in Sendlane automation) add a Webhook trigger action → Paste web hook link → Toggle from GET to POST → Set automation to Active 

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