How to Use Google Analytics in Campaigns

Google Analytics gives you a simple way to measure the effectiveness of your email marketing campaigns through a full picture of your contact's activity. 

If you are already using Google Analytics on your website, you have the ability to enable Google Analytics tracking links automatically in your Sendlane campaigns!

Before Getting Started

Please be sure that you already have Google Analytics setup with your website.

If you don't already have Google Analytics in place, or you would like to start using Google Analytics for your website, you can get more information and sign up for a free account here

Enabling Google Analytics 

Google Analytics tracking is super easy to add to each Campaign in Sendlane!

  1. From the Campaign Settings page, toggle the Google Analytics setting on
  2. Enter the campaign name for your email (in Google Analytics, this is utm_campaign=)

  3. Click Next to continue designing the rest of your campaign's message then Save and Continue to move on
  4. Once you schedule your campaign, any links that you add in your campaign will be tracked by Google Analytics
    Please Note

    Only links that direct to pages on your website that have the Google Analytics script installed will be tracked by Google Analytics

  5. When you view your campaign in Google Analytics, the Source will be 'newsletter', the Medium will be 'email', and the Campaign will be the title you entered

Advanced Google Analytics Tracking

If you want to fully customize the campaign parameters in your links, you will need to use custom UTM (Urchin Tracking Module) tracking. 

You can learn more about UTMs and custom URLs from the Google Analytics Help Center.

Once you are ready to set up your custom UTM tracking link, you can use Google's URL Builder which will generate a custom campaign URL that you can add to the links in your campaigns. 

Please Note

If you are using a custom URL you need to toggle the Sendlane Google Analytics off - the custom URL will be used instead. If you combine Sendlane's Google Analytics with custom UTM tracking, the reporting may be incorrect. We highly recommend only using one type of Google Analytics tracking.


  • Make sure you have the Google Analytics script installed in your website where you are linking your URLs to
  • New Google Analytics accounts may take a few days to start populating data
  • Your Google Analytics account has to be set up and configured before you send out your campaign; Google Analytics doesn't work retroactively

Custom URLs

  • You can test your Custom UTM link by copying and pasting the URL you created into your web browser's address bar and pressing enter. If your link is set up properly you should see a record of this visit in your Google Analytics account
  • Any link you create cannot contain spaces
  • The server of your website has to be able to process the parameters in the link, if not you will receive a 404 error


Sendlane Google Analytics: New Campaign → Toggle Google Analytics On → Fill in Campaign Title → Next → Save and Continue →  Schedule

Advanced Google Analytics: New Campaign → Next → Insert Custom URL into links in campaign → Save and Continue → Schedule

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