Sendlane Quick Start Guide

Our goal is to see you get results as quickly (and easily) as possible with our platform.

Now that you've activated/verified your new Sendlane account and completed the Onboarding Survey, this Quick Start Guide will walk you through exactly how to finish setting up your account, and begin leveraging our powerful email marketing automation features to maximize your results!

Specifically, we'll go over the basics of how to:

Plus, we'll also share some additional resources that might be helpful along the way. Be sure to check out our webinar every Tuesday and Thursday to get a live look at all of Sendlane's features!

Adding Contacts

If you've already collected contacts on another platform, you can add or import those contacts right into your Sendlane account. If you don't have any contacts to add, skip this step!

  1. Head to Audience → List and select the list that you want to add contacts to
  2. Next, choose the option that works best for your situation: 
    • If you only have a few contacts to add, click Add Contact to manually enter the contact's information. 
    • If you have an entire list you'd like to add, click Import and follow the steps!
  3. Please Note

    Sendlane is a permission-based platform. Each contact you add to your list must have provided consent prior to being added and receiving emails from you.

If you'd like more information about adding or importing contacts, please click through to visit our full-length article! 

Pop-ups are a great, interactive tool that Sendlane offers to turn users who visit your website into contacts. If you plan on collecting contacts with a different method, skip this step!

  1. Navigate to the Pop-ups menu and click on New pop-up
  2. Select the type of pop-up you'd like to use and click Next
  3. Name your new pop-up (this is just for your own records, visitors will not see the name you enter here) and choose either single or double opt-in settings
  4. Please Note

    Single opt-in will add contacts directly to your Sendlane account. Double opt-in will first send a confirmation email that contacts will need to open and click-through before they are added to your Sendlane account.

  5. Use the Content and Style sidebar options to customize your pop-up, and then click Next

  6. Enter the URL for your Thank you page, or use our built-in creator to design one, then click Next

  7. Use the Subscription List dropdown to select the list for your contacts to be added to once they subscribe

  8. Click Publish and you're all set!

Your completed pop-up is ready to be installed on your website!

If you're interested in learning more about pop-ups (including details about working with each feature, adding the pop-up to your website along with settings and troubleshooting) please click through to visit the full-length article! 

Creating Your First Automation

An Automation is a series of actions that are triggered by a contact's behavior.

Here we will go over how to create a "Welcome Series" or on-boarding automation that will send out emails to your contacts automatically once they subscribe to your list.

  1. Head to Automations and click on New Automation
  2. Since this is your first automation, we recommend selecting the Welcome new contacts template (which is a pre-built automation funnel)
  3. Click on the name of your automation at the top to change the name if you'd like 
  4. Click on the Subscribes to a list box to specify which list will trigger this automation when a contact is added to it
  5. Click on the email box underneath the trigger to create your first "Welcome" email which will be sent immediately after subscription. From the window that appears on the right, click Create New Email
  6. Click the plus (+) sign below any box to add more emails or actions 
  7. Once your automation is complete, be sure to switch to Active in the upper right-hand corner

For more information about Automations (including details about working with each feature, as well as settings and troubleshooting) please click through to visit our full-length article!

Creating and Sending a Campaign

Campaigns are a marketing tool used to send out one-time (broadcast-style) emails to your audience.

Here's how to create a campaign: 

  1. Head over to the Campaigns tab and click New Campaign
  2. Enter your Campaign Settings
  3. On the Audience page, choose who you'd like to send this message to, using the drag and drop selector to include or exclude lists/segments or tags. Also, select who you'd like to send from by choosing (or creating) a Sender Profile from the dropdown menu
  4. On the Content page, enter the Subject Line and Preheader Text of your message, then click Create Email
  5. Next, choose from Sendlane's pre-designed templates, create your own custom template or start from scratch to build and design your campaign 
  6. Click Save and Continue once you've finished building out your campaign
  7. Click Schedule and choose whether to save the campaign as a draft to send later, send the campaign immediately, or schedule to send at a later date or time

If you're interested in learning more about campaigns (including scheduling and rescheduling, viewing previously sent campaigns, deleting, and duplicating campaigns along with information about statuses and troubleshooting) please click through to visit the full-length article! 

Additional Sendlane Resources

Last, but not least, if you hit any roadblocks you can always get in touch with our team of email marketing automation experts right here!


Adding Contacts → Create a Pop-Up → Create an Automation → Create and Send a Campaign Email

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