Adding an Image to an Email

In this tutorial, you will learn how to add an image to an Automation email and/or Campaign email.

While editing an email using the email editor follow these steps to add an image. Click through the steps to see how to add an image to your email.

Step One

Start by dragging a section from the “Sections” tab on to the email layout.

Step Two

Add the content to the section by dragging “Image” from the “Content” tab into the section that you placed.

Step Three

After adding the content, double-click the content section to add the image from your files, or drag an image into the section from your files.

Please Note: The image file size must be under 1MB.

Step Four

If you place an image and want to change it, you can select the image in the editor, then select ‘Replace’ to replace the image.

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