Campaign Statuses

There a few different statuses of your campaign emails:

  • Draft- This indicates that your email has not been sent out yet. And will need to be edited, scheduled, and confirmed in order to be sent out.
  • Sending – This indicates that your email is currently being sent. Your email may remain in this status for a while as with larger list it may take a little longer to avoid looking like Spam. If the email was sent out using the Machine Learning Open Predictability feature it will also have this status until fully sent out.
  • Completed- This indicates that your email campaign has finished sending. We suggest giving the Analytics 24 hours, before investigating your email’s engagement.
  • Pending – This campaign is awaiting review or for its scheduled time to come. Some accounts need manual approval until a probation period has passed. Most campaigns are approved within 24 hours from the Compliance department. If after 24 hours your Campaign has not been approved please reach out to our Support Team.
  • Rejected – This campaign has been rejected by our compliance team or stopped mid-send. If you have questions about a campaign in this status please reach out to our Support Team.
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