Creating a Campaign

Campaigns are a marketing tool used to send out a one-time bulk email to your selected recipients.

Within Sendlane, you can schedule Campaigns to send out to your contacts at a specific date and time, or you can use our Machine Learning Open Predictability feature to have your Campaign send out over a 24 hour period, at the time that your contacts are most likely open their emails.

Step One

To create a Campaign, start by navigating to the 'Campaigns' tab in the navigation bar to the left.


Step Two

After clicking the pink 'New Campaign' button in the top right corner, you will be brought to the first page of the campaign creation.

Name – Name of email for your own reference

Email Subject – Be sure to use a captivating subject line to entice your subscribers to open the email

Send To – Select the audience you would like to receive this email, by selecting specific lists/segments or Tags that you have set up.

This area will also include options for Click Tracking and Google Analytics.

If you are electing to use a List or Segment you will simply click the pink 'Add +' button to either Include or Exclude a list/segment and select which lists to include or exclude. Once done you will click the pink 'Save' button at the bottom.


If you are electing to use a Tag that you have created and given to specific subscribers you will use the drop down after 'Send To' and select Tags. this will prompt you to not only select which to Include and Exclude but also select the Sender Information for this email.


Step Three

You will be prompted to begin designing your campaign email. Choose from one of the many pre-designed templates, your own template, or start from scratch and build your email using our drag and drop features.


Step Four

After designing your campaign, you will be brought to the confirmation page. Choose the from the following options to schedule or send out your campaign right away.

Now – Email will send out to selected recipients immediately

On a Given Date and Time – You can select a future date and time to send the email

Save as Draft – This allows you to save the campaign as is and come back to it at a later point to schedule the send out.

You are also given the option to turn on Machine Learning Open Predictability.

Machine Learning Open Predictability – Based on when your subscribers opened your previous emails, Sendlane will determine what is the best time to send the email to each individual subscriber.


Step Five

Once done you will click the pink 'Save' button and be brought back to the main Campaign area. You will see a designation next to the Campaign of its current status.

Completed – The Campaign has finished sending out, the report is ready to be viewed

Sending – The Campaign is currently being sent out

Scheduled – Campaign is scheduled and awaiting departure on a later date and time

Draft – The Campaign is currently in draft mode and has not been sent out

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