Campaign Statistics

To view a Campaign’s statistics, start by navigating to the 'Campaigns' tab. Select the 'View Report' button to the right of the campaign’s title you would like to view the stats of.

Campaign reports consist of 6 modules:
  1. Revenue & Engagements – A daily/monthly/weekly graph of opens, clicks, and revenue generated from your campaign.

  2. Total/Unique Engagements – A Pie chart which breaks down the number of unique and total opens/clicks from your email, as well as unsubscribes and spam complaints.

  3. Preview – On the far right of your reports you will see a snippet of your email content. You can click this to see a full preview of your campaign.

  4. Conversions – If applicable, the bottom left of your campaign will list out each conversion generated from your email and the dollar amount of each purchase.

  5. Events – If you use Beacon tools, a list of triggered Custom Events will be listed here.

  6. Links Clicked/Email Clients – Shows which links were clicked most in your emails, and how many times they were clicked. Email clients let you know what percentage of your audience is using different ESPS (Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, etc.)

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