How To Move Contacts to a New List

This tutorial will teach you how to move subscribers from one list to another list using an Automation. We will name the original list, List 1 and the list where the subscribers are being moved to List 2.

Please Note: This process will only work for moving new subscribers, and existing subscribers will not be moved by the automation. If you would like to move existing subscribers they will need to be moved manually, using an export and import.

Step One

Start by creating both lists, you can learn how to create a list here.

Once both lists are created, create a workflow, using the Automations tab. Select New Automation and make sure to set this workflow so that it triggers off of List 1. You can learn more about creating a workflow here.

Step Two

Next, use the plus sign to add an action.

Under Actions, click on  Update Contacts Property  and a new list of options will come up. 

Click on Subscribe to list, then select the list that you would like the subscribers to be moved to. In our case List 2.

Step Three

The next step is optional. If you would like you can add another action that will unsubscribe users from the original list. You can do this by using the Unsubscribe from list action, and selecting the original list, List 1 in our example. 

Please Note: The unsubscribe action if it is unsubscribing the user from the trigger list (List 1) will end the workflow. Any action you place after the subscribe action will not happen since the user is unsubscribed from the trigger list.

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