How to Setup Email Retargeting

How to Setup Email Retargeting

1. Login to your Sendlane account and select "Automations" in the left-hand sidebar. Then navigate to “New Automations.”

2. You can either select from our preset Automation templates called “Retarget Site Visitors” or you can start from scratch; then select the "Next" button. (We always recommend our proven templates!)

3. Here you will set your trigger pages and goal URL.

Trigger URL – The page you want to set for us to track for your automation. (The website that contains the embed code, see step 4)

Goal URL – the “conversion” or tracking page.

4. Once you fill out each of the URLs, the "Get Code" option will show, then select the "Next" button:

PLEASE NOTE: Make sure you copy each code for the appropriate pages. You can always change these by simply going to the Event Tracking option under Integrations.

5. We will start at the top of the workflow (lime green bar). Click this bar and it will open up a window that shows your settings:

1) The first box shows how the workflow is triggered – Event Triggered

2) The second box shows what email lists should be included to trigger the event.

3) The last box is the URL of the website you want to track and retarget.

Once you finish these simple settings, we’ll move to Step 6!

6. Time to set your retargeting conditions!

Once you click on this box:

You’ll see the following:

Here, you are setting your “Conditions.”

This is where you will set the website URLs along with any other custom conditions you want.

The Max amount of time is the time in which you want our system to check and deploy emails for visitors.

7. Next, you will need to set up your emails.

Follow the steps to create your email, just like you would with any other campaign or workflow in Sendlane.

Once complete, click Finish at the bottom.

Depending on what your goals and objectives are, we encourage you to set up at least three emails over the next three days to encourage your subscribers to come back and visit your web page.

8. The final step:

This is the “goal” or final outcome setting.

What These Conditions Mean:

1) This just displays the same settings you determined at the start of the workflow.

2) “Go to this action if the goal is reached: “ This allows you to automate an action if the goals are met, such as “End Workflow”.

3) “Trigger this event when the goal is met:” This allows you to trigger a goal such as purchase or page visit to stop this automation.

4) “If the goal is not met:” Will allow you to deploy another series of workflows or subscribe to another list.

5) “Max amount of time to check conditions:” is this final setting (which is the same you set at the start on Step #6) will determine when our system will check and deploy the email on your website.

Please Note: We suggest using Chrome or Firefox while using Sendlane, using an alternate browser may cause issues while viewing the Integrations tab.

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