The General Data Protection Regulation or “GDPR” is a data privacy regulation that protects the citizens of the European Union (EU). This regulation outlines new procedures for how you collect, store, and use personal data. It also gives rights to individuals to access, protect, and modify the data that was collected about them.

You can learn more about the GDPR and its specifics by visiting their website.

How Sendlane Is in Compliance​

  1. If you’re in any of the countries in the European Union and visit the Sendlane website, you’ll notice a little bar that pops up that asks you to consent and agree that we’ll be dropping cookies for our tracking and marketing efforts.
  2. You have the ability to manage and delete your data, as you need. You can find details about how this works here.
  3. We’ve updated our privacy policies and terms of service to reflect the necessary actions required by GDPR. This means we’ve laid out a clear explanation, along with internal data processes, and product capabilities to adjust accordingly.

You can learn more about how to make sure you are compliant as a Sendlane user on our blog.

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