How to Integrate LiveChat and Sendlane

LiveChat is a help desk platform used by businesses who are looking to add a chat support feature to their website.

Using LiveChat and Sendlane, you can collect visitors information directly from the chat (such as Name and Email) and add them to your Lists within Sendlane.

Before getting started, you will need your API & Hash Keys ready.

Please Note: We suggest using Chrome or Firefox while using Sendlane, using an alternate browser may cause issues while viewing the Integrations tab..

Step One

Click on “Marketplace”.

Step Two

Click “Apps”.

Step Three

 Locate the Sendlane app, and click “Install”.

Step Four

To start connecting LiveChat with Sendlane, click the 3 green dots next to the Installed icon, and select “Settings”.

Step Five

Enter your Subdomain, API & Hash Keys and click “Connect with Sendlane”.

Step Six

Once connected, your Lists will appear. Select the List you would like to use from the drop-down, and click “Connect Sendlane with LiveChat”.

Step Seven

Once integrated successfully, the word “Connected” will appear.

You may now close the pop-up window, and your integration is complete!

Visitors who enter their email when interacting with the chat app will be automatically added to the Sendlane list you have chosen. These settings can be changed at any time.

This integration is native to LiveChat, so we are only able to provide limited troubleshooting support.

Additional Support

For additional assistance, contact the LiveChat team:

Additional LiveChat Inc products and resources:

Knowledge Base



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