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How can I create an email series with Workflows?

In this tutorial you will learn:

  • Setting up a series of emails.
  • How to use the “Wait” action.
  • Creating an email in the workflows module.


The Workflows Module differs from  our autoresponders in that the Autoresponder allows you to send automated emails on a specific time/date and follow up with your subscribers.

Workflows does more than that, in Workflows you can trigger follow up emails based on subscriber behavior/action. For example you can send them email “A” if they click a link and if they don’t click, you can send them email “B.”

To begin setting up a WorkFlow simply click on the green +Create New Workflow button in the upper right hand side of the WorkFlows home page. workflow home

A pop up will appear and ask “When should this Workflow start? You’ll have a choice of triggers from the drop down menu.

Subscribes to list = when a visitor opts-in to your list.

Submits a form = when a visitor opt-into your list via Sendlane’s “Integration Forms”

Page visits = when a user has installed Sendlane’s webhooks into a page of their own website and a subscriber currently on a list  within Sendlane visit the user’s page.

Tags = when a user is tagging subscribers by their actions.

Another Workflow = when a user has already set up another Workflow to be triggered by the new one.

After you have selected a trigger the next step will be to include and exclude the recipients you choose. Once have selected a trigger and recipients, click on the “Ok” button at the bottom of the pop up.

WorkFlow Pop up

On this next screen you’ll have essentially a blank canvas to create many different types of automation. To begin you will want to click on the + symbol to pull up the automation choices. On this pop up it will ask you what action you would like to add.

Send email = to send an email. You will have create the email from scratch.

Subscribe = will subscribe your opt-in to another list of your choosing.

Unsubscribe = will unsubscribe your opt-in from a list of your choosing.

Wait = gives you the option to set a specific time interval before moving onto the next action.

Notify someone = will give you the option to send an email specific to an action.

Start a Workflow = to start another automation previously created.

End this Workflow = ends the automation series.

End other Workflow = let’s you end another workflow that was started in the series of previous actions.

If/Else = allows you to put a condition in to split the automation into two branches.

Webhook = allows actions on specific page visits to a user’s website.

Add Tag = this action will add a previously created tag.

Remove Tag = this action delete a previously created tag.

Goal = this action allows user to create a goal with specified parameters for reaching.

Once you have set up your automation you’ll have a few different option on the WorkFlow home page.

Edit = let’s you go back in and edit the WorkFlow.

Mark as Inactive/Active = allows you to turn off and on the Workflow.

Copy Workflow = duplicates the Workflow.

Delete = removes the Workflow.