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What is Sendlane and how can it help me?

Sendlane is the ultimate as a digital marketing platform. It has the ability to manage and create Landing Pages, Squeeze Pages, Opt-in Pages, Thank You Pages, Autoresponders, Automation, Campaigns, Broadcasts, and sales marketing funnels. Combines with an evolving CRM giving you the power to grow and manage your business in one all inclusive solution.


The Dashboard

When you first log on to your Sendlane account you will land on the “Dashboard”.


From here you have the ability to:

  • All contacts – this shows how many subscribers you have total across all your Lists.
  • Contacts chart – will show you a snapshot of your subscribers activity.
  • Top contacts – reveals your most active subscribers.
  • Autoresponders – reports your latest autoresponders and their status.
  • Workflows – what automation you have and their status.
  • Campaigns – your latest campaigns and their status.
  • Landing Pages – your most recent landing pages
  • Activity -a quick snapshot of your the performance of you subscribers.


Campaigns Module

The Campaigns module is where you create one time emails to send to your list or segments. This is often referred to as a “Broadcast” email or “Newsletter” type email.


From here you have the ability to:


Workflows Module

The Workflows module is Sendlane’s automation tool. This tool will allow you to create automations based on users behavior. This automation tool is recommended for advanced email marketers who have an understanding of open rates and click patterns.

From here you have the ability to:


Autoresponder Module

The Autoresponder module gives you the ability to create emails that will automatically send out to a subscriber by a trigger point like subscription to a list or a submission of a form.


From here you have the ability to:


Landing Pages Generator

The Landing Pages module gives you the ability to use Sendlane’s Landing Page builder to easily create opt-in pages, video pages, countdown timer pages, and thank you pages that all seamlessly integrate with your email marketing system.


From here you have the ability to:


My Templates Module

The My Templates module gives you the ability to save any of your emails in HTML format to use for multiple emailing campaigns. Note it does not save any Landing Pages as templates, this is strictly for email.


From here you have the ability to:

  • Create a new email template.
  • View any of your saved email templates in a pop up viewer.
  • Edit the HTML code of any of your saved email templates.
  • Delete your email templates.


Subscribers Manager

The Subscribers module gives you many options to manage your list of opt-ins. All of your Subscribers from all of your Lists will be grouped and managed here as a whole.

From here you have the ability to:

Lists Manager

The Lists module allows you to easily create and manage your Lists. It also gives you the ability to manage your subscribers within a List.

From here you have the ability to:

Integrations Module

The Integrations module allow you to create web forms to be placed or integrated into a website or third party landing page creator.

From here you have the ability to:

  • Create a new web form.
  • View a list of your current forms.
  • Edit any of your existing forms.
  • Preview a quick pop up of a form.
  • View and edit the double opt in email that is send out.
  • View the options to integrate the form.
  • Delete any of your forms.

Reports Section

The reports module will give you quick access to detailed stats regarding any of your Campaigns, Autoresponders, and Automated Series emails that are sent out.

From here you have the ability to:

  • Sort by Campaigns or Newsletters, Autoresponders, and Automated Series.
  • Filter you emails by chosen criteria.
  • View quick stats of your emails such as number of subscribers sent, Open Rate, Click Rate, and Spam Reports.
  • View the status of your emails.
  • Get a more detailed report of your email.
  • View the content of the email.

Account Settings Section

The Account Settings module gives you the ability to access your personal settings as well edit any of the information you choose.

From here you have the ability to:

  • Access the Widget code.
  • Access your Billings & Upgrade section.
  • Update your contact information.
  • Upload a photo for your profile.
  • Access your API and Hash keys for integration.
  • Submit an allowed domain for development purposes.
  • Reset your API and Hash keys.
  • Edit basic information such as your name and password of your account.

Billings & Upgrade Manager

The Billings & Upgrade section allows you to view and edit any number of payment plans and options.

From here you have the ability to:

Support Section

The Support section within Sendlane opens up our ticketing system. This allows you to ask question to our Customer Services representatives. You can also access this by click the chat bubble on the bottom left hand corner. Note this is not a live chat feature but rather queue.


Partner/ Affiliate Center

The Partner Center section of your Sendlane control panel gives you the ability to sign up for the Sendlane Affiliate Program.

From here you have the ability to:

  • Access your affiliate URL.
  • Manage your Payout Settings.
  • View a Payout Report.
  • See quick stats on commissions earned, balance, commission rate, past commissions, current commissions, and a list of current Referred users.