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What is an Autoresponder?

The Autoresponder is a computer generated program. In most cases, it is set up to automatically send emails and content by a predefined set of trigger or triggers. An example of a very simple autoresponder is the “Vacation Message”. This is set by most email providers sent to anyone emailing that particular address.

Examples of an Autoresponder

When you set up your vacation reminder and someone emails you, the program will reply with the message you have predefined. Also, some people will set up an autoresponder as an instant reply. This lets the person emailing you that you have received their message. Most people will let them know exactly when to expect a reply from you.

In addition autoresponders are used in many ways. Hence companies will use them to help promote newsletters, deliver requested content, and to provide high levels of instant service.

Sendlane’s autoresponder has the ability to send a series of emails specified by time and days of the week. You also have the ability to have the autoresponder be triggered by opt-ins. Also, a landing page or a form submission from your own website will trigger the autoresponder.

Benefits of an Autoresponder

Also, some of the major benefits of using an autoresponder are the ability to automate your communication to your subscribers. And finally to increase brand awareness and the promotion of great content or products.

what is an autoresponder