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How Do I Use Advanced Segmentation?

This article will cover settings that some users may want to consider for additional segmentation of their subscribers. If you have not viewed the guide that details the Segmentation Feature you may want to see that first.

Segmentation can be really powerful if used with the right setup. In this guide, we’ll cover advanced segmentation options such as segmenting subscribers by email domains, custom fields, & even the subscriber activity. 

Segmenting Subscribers by email domain:

If you would like to create a segment of your subscribers who have the same email domain, such as Gmail addresses or Yahoo email addresses or any other email domain, you can do so by selecting the same conditions in the screenshot, which would be to set the conditions of the Segment to ‘Email address’ + ‘Contains’, then the email domain you’d like to create the segment for.

Segmenting subscribers by Custom Fields:

If you wanted to create a segment for a list where you have used Custom Fields for your subscribers you will need to have collected the custom field information using a Subscription Web-form. You can use the Custom Fields to create a segment specific to the Custom Field information.

In the example below the subscriber’s state is the custom variable that was captured.

Segmenting subscribers based on the subscriber activity:

You can segment your subscribers based on the recent Campaigns they’ve opened or even if they have not opened a Campaign. Automations such as Workflows and Autoresponder will not work for creating a segment for subscriber activity. The screenshot below is how you can segment your subscribers based on if they’ve opened a recent Campaign.