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Site Tracking

This walkthrough will teach you how to integrate your website with Sendlane. Allowing you to trigger Automations and Automation actions, based on visits to your webpage. It is imperative that you are able to edit the Footer content of your web page, in order to add the tracking code.

Please Note: This will only trigger workflows for subscribers that are already on your list and have opened at least one email.

1. Start by navigating to “Site Tracking” in the drop-down menu stemming from your name in the top right-hand corner of your dashboard. 

2. Once on the “Site Tracking” section, select “Enable.” This will present the tracking code. Copy and Paste this tracking code into the Footer section of the website that you would like to connect to your Sendlane account.

Please Note: Your HTTP protocol needs to be HTTP, not HTTPS for this integration to perform properly.

3. After adding the tracking code to your page, and making the changes public, or publishing the page. You can then create a Workflow that will trigger from a page visit.

4. In this example, we will create a workflow that triggers from a subscriber visiting your web page, from a link that was sent to them either through a Campaign, Autoresponder, or Workflow email.

Please Note: Each time a known subscriber visits the webpage through the link, the workflow will be triggered. Even if they have been through the workflow before.

5. Start by navigating to the “Automations” tab and select “Add Automation” in the top right-hand corner.

6. Enter the title of the Workflow, and click the “Workflow” option.

7. Select “Page Visits” as the trigger for the workflow.

8. Enter the URL(s) at which you have copied and pasted the tracking code into.

9. After saving this option. You can add messages or actions to the Workflow as you would like. For this example, I have added a “Thank You For Visiting” email.

10. To trigger this Workflow, you will need to drive subscribers to the website. You can do this by including the link to your webpage in an Autoresponder, Workflow, or Campaign email. Once a subscriber clicks the link and proceeds to your website they will be pushed into the Site Integration Workflow.