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How Do I Schedule Emails Campaigns?

1. After designing your Campaign, it will need to be confirmed and scheduled. You will have 4 options.

  • Now – The Campaign will be sent immediately when sending a Campaign now, you will have the option to used optimized timing. You can learn more about optimized timing here.
  • Throttle – The Campaign will send out a set amount of emails of a set amount of time
  • On a Given Date and Time – The Campaign will be scheduled to send out a specific and set time
  • Save as Draft – This will save the Campaign as a draft, it can be scheduled and sent later by editing it again

2. Once you have chosen an option and saved, you have completed the Campaign setup! You will see a designation next to the Campaign of its current status.

  • Completed – The Campaign has finished sending out, the report is ready to be viewed
  • Sending – The Campaign is currently being sent out
  • Draft – The Campaign is currently in draft mode and has not been sent out