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What are Personalization Tags?

Personalization tags assists you in adapting an email to the specific subscriber. Integrating their name in an e-mail for example, or by presenting various written content to different target groups or various graphics influenced by interests. By inserting these tags into the content of your email it will customize the email experience for each recipient.

In this tutorial you will learn:

  • Where to insert personalization tags
  • How to find personalization tags



There a couple of ways to add personalization tags to the body of your emails. You can simply type the tag into the area you would like it to appear or use the drop down menu. To use the drop down menu you must first place your mouse cursor in the area you want the tag.


Here are some personalization tags you can add to the body of an email by simply enter the tag.

VAR_SITE_NAME =Site name
VAR_MAILING_ADDRESS = User mailing address
VAR_PHONE = user phone number
VAR_FIRST_NAME = subscriber first name
VAR_LAST_NAME = subscriber last name
VAR_FULL_NAME = subscriber full name
VAR_EMAIL = subscriber email
VAR_COUNTRY = subscriber country
VAR_STATE = subscriber state
VAR_CITY = subscriber city
VAR_SUBSCRIBE_DATE = subscriber opt in date
VAR_SIGNUP_IP = subscriber IP address