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What is Optimized Timing?

Optimized Timing is a great technology we have implemented in our “Campaigns” module only. This will track the open patterns and habits of each of your subscribers in your list.

Sendlane™ will then collect this data and send your email campaigns to your subscribers at the most optimal time for them to open.

So for example if Subscriber A opens emails in the morning and Subscriber B opens emails in the evening. Then Sendlane™ will send your email to both your subscribers at the time they are most likely to open the email. For Sub A that will be in the morning and Sub B will be in the evening.

This feature only works on the Campaign module only. No autoresponders or emails that are send from the Workflows module can be used with Optimized Timing.

To schedule an email campaign with Optimized Timing simply create and email campaign as normal and then at the end simply turn on the “Optimized Timing” feature and click the red “Send” button.