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What do the the list stats mean?

In this tutorial you will learn:

  • Definition of list statistics and reporting.



List stats are going to be analytical and data information concerning the subscribers of a list. To view your List stats you will first want to click on the “Lists” button located in the left hand navigation menu. Then click on the blue “Stats” button located in the far right column of the list you want to check data on.

List Stats
List Stats


You will now enter the List Stats Overview page. From her you can check the different stats tracked for the particular list.

List Stats Overview
List Stats Overview


Average Open Rate = This is the percentage of subscribers that have opened an email across all campaigns that have been sent to that list.

Average Click Rate = This is the percentage of subscribers that have clicked on a link in an email across all campaigns.

Total Subscribers = The total number of people that have opted-in to your list or have been added manually.

Total Unsubscribers = All the people that either you manually unsubscribed from the and those that have removed themselves.

Since last campaign = is going to show you how many people have subscribed or unsubscribed to your list.