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How do I find stats for my Landing Pages?

To access your analytics and statistics for any of your Landing Pages simply click “Landing Pages” in your left hand navigation of your SendLane™ account. From here you will see basic analytics for all of your custom landing pages you are driving traffic to.

This first screen will show your “Unique viewers“, which means the amount of first time visitors. Next to that you will see how many “Total viewers” that page had. This is the sum of your Unique viewers and repeat visitors.

Then click the green “Analytics” button to the right of the opt-in page you wish to see the reports for.

Landing Pages Home

This next screen will give you a graph of your visitors over a given time period. Use the menu in the upper right hand corner to adjust the time frame of the performance of your Landing Page.

Landing Page Stats Overview

Scrolling down you will see your landing page’s Opt-in Conversion Rate. This is calculated by dividing the number of subscribers by the amount of visitors to that page.

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