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In this tutorial, you will learn about:

Integrating Shopify with Sendlane

Please Note: In order for you to use the Sendlane and Shopify integration, your Shopify store will need to be already set up.

1. Login to your Sendlane account and select the “Integrations” tab located on your left-hand navigation bar. Next, select “Setup” next to the title Shopify.

2. To begin connecting a new shop select the green ‘Connect Shop’ button in the top right-hand corner.

3. You will be prompted to enter the URL of your Shopify store. ie: After entering your URL you will be redirected to Shopify to log in to your account. Please log in, to connect your store.

4. Once logged into Shopify, click on “Install unlisted app” button.

5. You have two options on how you can setup your Shopify Integration: Basic integration or Advanced integration.

For basic integration, choose your newsletter list (customers and visitors who opt into your Shopify Newsletter theme plugin will be added to this list), then select the list that new customers and abandoned checkout customers will be synced to. We will cover the Advanced Integration settings in the next section.

Please Note: You will not see lists, in the drop-down menus, unless you have already created lists inside of your Sendlane account. You can learn how to create a list here.

6. Once your Store(s) is/are connected, the shop status will be shown in the ‘Status’ column.

a. Connected – Your shop is connected. You can manage your shop and make changes/updates if necessary.
b. Disconnected – Your shop is not yet connected and you will need to begin the setup process.
c. Pending – You have started the setup process but have not successfully completed all steps necessary to connect your shop.

Advanced Settings

Through advanced integration, you have the ability to segment your Shopify customers by your product collections, types or tags. Once you have selected all the necessary information from the drop-down fields you will need to hit the save button.

After creating and saving your advanced segment, your new segment will be saved to a list under the Advanced Integration tab.