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How do I create an autoresponder?

In this tutorial you will learn:

  • How to create an autoresponder.
  • How to schedule an autoresponder.
  • What the different autoresponder status mean.


Locate and click on the button labeled “Autoresponder” in the left land navigation of your account Dashboard. Then click the green “+ Create Autoresponder” button in the upper right hand of your account Dashboard.

Campaign Setup

Autoresponder Campaign SetupOn this screen you will be asked to name your autoresponder. Please take note the name of your autoresponder is for internal use only, your subscribers will not see this.

You will also want to add  text for the email subject line your recipients will see. You can select from a list of personalization tags to add to your subject line.

To the right you will see a few different tracking options. By default Sendlane™ will track opens, clicks, and plain-text clicks. If you do not wish to track those simply deselect the appropriate boxes. You will also have the option to incorporate Google Analytics™ link tracking id’s.If you would like to include an attachment with the autoresponder you are sending, simply click the “Attachment” radio button and an upload module will appear. Please note only .PDF and .TXT are the only acceptable formats. When finished click the “Next” button.


Autoresponder Recipients ListsThe “Recipients” screen allows you to select a list or segment. From here you can also choose to exclude certain lists or segments. Select the list(s) and or segment(s) you wish your autoresponder to send to.
You have the options to Exclude Recipients. Selecting this option will override the included recipients if you have subscribers on more than one list.

Autoresponder Recipients Tags

If you want your autoresponder only sent to certain subscribers with a predefined tag click on the Tags tab and choose with tags to include and exclude.

When finished click the “Next” button.


Autoresponder Settings
From here you will be in the Autoresponder Configuration area. Your first options is the drop-down menu titled: What event will trigger this autoresponder? Choose an event and the option with that trigger the email to be sent.
Subscription to list = When a visitor subscribes to the list previously selected.

  • Select how many days, weeks, months to send.
  • Select a time to send.
  • Select day(s) of the week to send.
Campaign is opened = When a subscriber opens an email.

  • Select campaign trigger
  • Select how many days, weeks, months to send
  • Select a time to send
  • Select day(s) of the week to send
Any link in campaign is clicked = When a subscriber click on any link in your email.

  • Select campaign trigger
  • Select how many days, weeks, months to send
  • Select a time to send
  • Select day(s) of the week to send
Specific link in campaign is clicked = When a designated link in you email is clicked.

  • Select campaign trigger
  • Select link trigger
  • Select how many days, weeks, months to send
  • Select a time to send
  • Select day(s) of the week to send

***Note: “Within the hour” means that the email will be sent immediately and within the hour at the latest.

Next you will input when you would like the autoresponder to be sent out from the trigger. Then you will select the time for the autoresponder to be sent out.

***Note the times are in Eastern Standard Time. (EST or New York time)

By default Sendlane sends the autoresponder every day of the week. If you would not like to send it out every day of the week simply uncheck the days you do not wish to it to send.

***Note if you unselect a specific day then the autoresponder will not send until the next specified day. This overrides how many days after opt-in you select.

When finished with updating your autoresponder configurations click on the red “Next” button.


Autoresponder Design
Here choose a template to start with. “My Templates” is any templates you have saved in the My Templates section of your dashboard from a previously created email.


Autoresponders Design My Templates
The next option is “Predesigned“, which will allow you to select a template to edit and customize yourself from our current options.


Autoresponder Design Predesinged
The final option is to “Start From Scratch“. This allows you work with our drag and drop editor with a completely blank canvas.

Once you have selected a design option you will then be set up to customize your email in the email editor. You can drag and drop content from the left to place in your email. Once you have entered the content you want inside the editor click the “Save & Continue” tab to continue with the rest of the setup for your email.

Plain Text

Autoresponder Plain Text Editor
After you have edited the design of your email newsletter and properly saved you will be forwarded to the “Plain Text-Editor“. Some of your recipients may set their setting to only receive plain-text emails. This is why editing and making sure the plain text version of your email looks the way you like. To reset your edits you can click on the blue “Copy Text from HTML Email“.When finished click the “Next” button at the bottom.


Autoresponder Confirm
On the Confirm page you will have a final chance to edit the Lists, Name & Subject Line, Tracking, HTML Email, Plain-Text Email, and the email address notification are sent. When everything is to your liking then click the “Start Autoresponder” button to have the final confirmation pop up appear.
Autoresponder Prepare For Launch


If you are ready to proceed click then Send.

You will notice that your newly created Autoresponder’s status says “Not Started“. When the autoresponder starts actually sending it’s first email this will turn to the status to “Progressing“. If you didn’t start the Autoresponder the status will be read as “Draft“.

*** Please note some new users will need to go through a compliance check and will require manual approval from our compliance team before being allowed to send emails.