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How to Clean Inactive Subscribers From Your List(s)

In this tutorial you will learn:

  • How to Manually Clean your List(s) – One-time process
  • How to Automatically Clean your List(s)

Please Note: Only subscribers that have been on the list for a minimum of 30 days and have been sent at least one email will be cleaned.

If you would like to clean subscribers that have been added in the past 30 days, you will need to use a segment to do so. Learn more about segments here.

1. Start by navigating into a list through the “Lists” tab.

2. Select the “Subscribers” tab then select “Hygiene”

3. You will be prompted with two options.

Option 1 will allow you to clean inactive subscribers from your list in a certain period, one time.

Option 2 will automate the cleaning of your lists by letting our platform remove inactive subscribers automatically to keep your account fresh and help maximize your email delivery.

4. With the one-time manual option, or option one, you will want to select the # of days the subscriber has been inactive. You will be removing subscribers that have been inactive for this time period.

The system will automatically take the people who have not opened or clicked on any of your emails in the last X days (X is a variable that you would input) and remove them from your account.

At Sendlane, we recommend 90 days (or 3 months) of inactivity.

Once you click on “Remove Active Subscribers”, the process will run in the background and you’ll be alerted as soon as it’s complete.

You will receive a list of the deleted subscribers in your email when the system has processed your request.

This list will also be available at the bottom of the “List Hygiene” page for each list.

5. With the automatic list hygiene option, or option two, you’ll set the # of days in which the subscriber you will automatically remove has been inactive.

At Sendlane, we recommend 90 days (or 3 months) of inactivity.

Then select how often you want this list cleaning process to run (We recommend every 15 days).

Our system will remove and email you a copy of your inactive (the deleted subscribers) list and also keep a copy at the bottom of the page, per list, so you can keep it in your storage.