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How do i create and email campaign or broadcast?

In this tutorial you will learn:


In order to create an email newsletter or send out a “broadcast” type email, you will want to use the green “Create Campaign” feature in your account dashboard under the “Campaign” navigation on the left hand side.


On the next screen you will be asked to select between “Regular HTML Campaign” or “Plain Text Campaign“. If you select the HTML format you will be able to edit and copy of the Plain-Text version.



On this screen you will be asked to name your campaign and add  text for the email subject line your recipients will see. Please take note the name of your email newsletter or campaign is for internal use only. Your subscribers will only see the subject line and the content of your email.

You will also see a few different tracking options. By default Sendlane will track opens, clicks, and plain-text clicks. If you do not wish to track those simply deselect the appropriate boxes. You will also have the option to incorporate Google Analytics™ link tracking id’s.

If you would like to include an attachment with the email you are sending out, simply click the “Attachment” radio button and an upload module will appear. Please not only. Please note only .PDF and .TXT are the only acceptable formats.

When finished click the “Next” button.


The “Recipients” screen allows you to select lists, segments, or tags that you want to send this email newsletter or broadcast type of email campaign.

When finished click the “Next” button.


Option 1: Here choose a template to start with. “My Templates” is any templates you have saved in the My Templates section of your dashboard from a previously created email.


Option 2: The next option is “Predesigned“, which will allow you to select a template to edit and customize yourself from our current options.


Option 3: The final option is to “Start From Scratch“. This allows you work with our drag and drop editor with a completely blank canvas.

After you have edited the design of your email newsletter and properly saved you will be forwarded to the “Plain Text-Editor“. Some of your recipients may set their setting to only receive plain-text emails. This is why editing and making sure the plain text version of your newsletter looks the way you like. You will also have the option to copy the plain-text and paste it where you want. To reset your edits you can click on the blue “Copy Text from HTML Email”.

When finished click the “Next” button.


On the Confirm page you will have a final chance to edit the Lists, Name & Subject Line, Tracking, HTML Email, Plain-Text Email, and the email address notification are sent. When everything is to your liking then click the red “Schedule” button.


One final popup will appear and from here you can choose to send with Optimized TimingNow, Throttle, On a given date and time, and never. Select the most appropriate and click the green “Send” button. If you selected to send “Now” give the software some time to get it out, we have to some time delays sending in order to stay in compliance with SPAM guidelines.