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Where can I find statistics for my email campaigns?

SendLane’s™ Campaign Reporting Module is some of the most comprehensive in the industry. To access your email newsletter or campaign’s analytics simply click on the “Campaigns” button located in the left hand navigation menu. From your campaign dashboard select the blue “View Report” button located to the left of the campaign you wish to see your reports for.

You may also use the “Reports” section located in the left hand navigation menu.

Campaign Reports

From your Reporting Campaign Dashboard screen, your default view will be from the “Overview” tab. Here can get basic information about your campaign like how many people the campaign went out to, the list associated with the newsletter, campaign start date, and the subject line of your email newsletter.

Scrolling down about halfway will bring you detailed analytics about your campaign. Some of the statistic are clickable to drive down and give you detailed information about that particular statistic and the subscribers that contributed to those reported numbers.

Email Campaigns Reporting