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How Can I Create a Contact List?

In this tutorial you will learn:

  • How to create a list in Sendlane.
  • How to manually add subscribers to a list.
  • How to manually unsubscribe from a list.



Locate and click on the button labeled “List” in the left land navigation of your account Dashboard. Then click the green “Create list” button in the upper right hand of your account Dashboard. Fill in all the required fields to set up your new list.



Please note that the Default from name * means a name that your subscribers will recognize.(i.e. your name, company name) The Default from email * means an email address that your subscribers will recognize and be able to reply to. The Default Subject line may be something your List will recognize. (This will be overridden when creating an Autoresponder or the during the Set-up of a Campaign.) Finally click the green”Save“to save your List.



Please note that Sendlane™ does not host email accounts. If you want a business email address then you will need to first register a domain name and open an email hosting account with an email service provider. Many domain registrars will also provide other services like domain forwarding, email hosting, and website hosting.